"KI Dolphin Watch"

Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch is an award winning community volunteer project in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation monitoring dolphin populations on Kangaroo Island since 2005 and Victor Harbor since 2011. 

Developing understandings of custodianship of these fascinating creatures and habitats, dolphins are monitored unobtrusively, minimising impacts and behavioural change, collecting vital baseline data to globally inform practise.
Scientists and dedicated volunteers of all ages collaborate on effective “Citizen Science” in surveys on Eco Tourism vessels; Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures and The Big Duck Boat Tours, Victor Harbor. Images and video footage are collected, identifying individual dolphins by distinctive dorsal fins and body markings. Vital data is recorded on movements and habitats, creating a sustainable, longitudinal study of extraordinary international significance.

Dolphin Watch is a brilliantly adaptable model for building coastal communities’ resilience creating a common focii for collaborative endeavours, providing a vehicle for galvanising cooperative effort and building social cohesion. Focussing on an iconic, umbrella species allows for broadscale education about impacts and how to collaborate to effect mitigation. If we care for dolphins and habitats, we effectively conserve everything.

Project Partners and Supporters:
 Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures, The Big Duck Boat Tours, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, I-NEX Corporation, Coastal Walkabout, Fleurieu Marine Life, DEWNR, KINRM, SA Whale Centre, Kangaroo Island Sealink, Raptor Domain KI, Chocol’ Art & Coffee, KI Paperworks, Big Quince Print, Ozone Hotel KI, Wild Migration, KI Shellfish, The Norman Wettenhall Foundation, Pete Nash Photography, Neill Bell Photography and the Rebuild the Independence Group

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